Shaoxing Qiyu Import & Export Co.,Ltd. is a Chinese textiles and apparels exporter. We pride ourselves in providing best quality products which are fashionable, innovative and eco-friendly. Own cooperative dye-works and OEM factories ensure us to give best prices to our customers.
    Our mission and enthusiasm for business is supplying quality products, and providing impeccable service to assist our clients in achieving their professional growth and profit goals. We also offer our clients unmatched personalized service and the ability to produce various solid dyed woven fabrics.

    Our solid dyed fabric business started in 2016, and our cooperative dye-works factory has over 15 years of experience in producing solid dyed fabrics. We mainly focus on shirting fabrics, cotton, cotton/nylon, cotton/polyester, and spandex materials.
    All fabrics from us shall be inspected by American Four-Point System, only qualified products will be delivered to our customers.
    Our shirts and suits production factory was founded in 1993, focusing on making high-end shirts & suits for successful people in the past 25 years. Our products are mainly exported to Hong Kong, Europe and North America.

    The tailors and design team were built and trained by Mr. Lucciano Campigotto (Chief Designer, Senior tailor of British Royal Family) and Mr. Moreno (Product Director, graduated from Istituto Marangoni, has over 30 years of experience in apparel design.). All of the tailors have excellent skills in producing luxury and top quality suits and shirts.

    Strict quality inspection ensures that shirts and suits have the best quality. All the shirts and suits from us are perfect, and certainly do not have any defects. We are proud of our products.

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